The Cookies Policy (hereinafter briefly referred to as “Policy” .) was prepared by TURKUVAZ HABERLEŞME VE YAYINCILIK A.Ş. (hereinafter briefly referred to as “Turkuvaz” .), and it constitutes the annex of Disclosure Text Under the Law on Protection of Personal Data of our website (hereinafter briefly referred to as “Website” .) Turkuvaz has prepared this Policy for the purpose of explaining which Cookies are used on its website.


Cookies are those small data files stored by your browser in your computer’s hard disc. They are generally used to provide you with a customized experience during your use of the website, to develop the services provided and to improve your experience, and may contribute to ease of use while surfing in a website.


Cookies are classified under various categories according to their economic life, intended use and owner of cookies or the party placing cookies.

By Economic Life By Intended Use By Owner of Cookies and the Party Placing Cookies
  • Session cookies
  • Permanent cookies
  • Compulsory/Technical Cookies
  • Analytic Cookies
  • Functional Cookies
  • Targeting/Advertisement Cookies
  • First Party Cookies
  • Third Party Cookies


  • Session Cookies: These are those cookies created when you visit a website, used for the duration of your visit, which remain valid until the browser window is closed. The purpose of this kind of cookies is to ensure continuity and reliability of your visit. For example, they allow filling online forms consisting of more than one pages.
  • Permanent Cookies: They are created during your first visit of a website, they remain on your hard disc depending upon their economic life or until you delete them. The purpose of this kind of cookies is to increase website functionality by providing a faster and better service to visitors. For example, by remembering the visitor’s preferences, determining the content to be sent in accordance with these preferences.


  • Compulsory/Technical Cookies: These are those compulsory cookies for proper operation of the website that you visit. The purpose of these cookies is to provide the necessary service by ensuring operation of the website.
    For example, they allow access to secure parts of the website, ability to use its features and ability to surf in it.
  • Analytic Cookies: They collect information on the usage of the website and frequency and number of visits, and show how the visitors get access to the website. The intended purpose of such cookies is to increase the performance by improving the way the website functions, and to determine the general trend. They don’t contain such data that can identify the identity of visitors.
    For example, they show the number of error messages sent and most frequently visited pages.
  • Functional Cookies: They record the selections made by the visitor in the website and remember these selections during the next visit. The purpose of this kind of cookies is to provide ease of use to visitors.
    For example, they prevent entry by the site users of their user password on each page they visit.
  • Targeting/Advertisement Cookies: They ensure measurement of the efficiency of the advertisements offered to the visitors and calculation of how many times they were viewed. The purpose of this kind of cookies is to provide such advertisements customized to the areas of interest of the visitors.
    For example, they prevent an advertisement shown to the visitor from being shown again in a short time.


  • First Party Cookies: These are those cookies defined for the website visited, which can be read only by this website.
  • Third Party Cookies: These are those cookies defined for those organizations other than the website visited, which allow reporting to the website in respect of the service for which they are defined.


Compulsory, functional and analytic cookies used on our websites:

  • They are compulsory for use of the website interface and its features as desired.
  • They allow you to accelerate the activities during the visits that you will make in the future.
  • By allowing us to comprehend how the website is being used by the visitors, they assist us in bringing together the statistical data and in developing contents in accordance with these data.
  • Under no circumstances they collect, store or allow us to process those data by which we can identify your identity, they don’t have the characteristics of personal data.
  • They don’t damage your computer and they don’t contain viruses.

Targeting and advertisement cookies are used for the purpose of customizing advertisements and analyzing website traffic, within our legitimate interests and the necessary legal commitments having been obtained, on condition that your fundamental rights and freedoms are not damaged.


In order to change your preferences in respect of use of cookies or to block or delete cookies, changing your browser settings will be sufficient.

In order that you can control cookies, many browsers offer you the option to accept or reject cookies, to accept only specific types of cookies, or to be warned by browser when a website requests storing cookies on your device.

At the same time, it is also possible to delete those cookies which were previously stored on your browser.

If you deactivate or reject cookies, you might be required to set certain preferences manually; since we will not be able to recognize your account and correlate it with you, certain features and services on the website might not operate properly. You may change your browser’s settings by clicking on the relevant link from the below table.

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In order to get more information on cookies including how cookies are placed, how they will be seen and how they will be managed and deleted, you may visit the web pages or , and use the ‘Contact Us’ section to forward to us your questions and opinions in relation to the Policy.